Dr Paul Drago

Paul Drago, MD is an ENT and Wellness Specialist. He has worked in the medical field for more than four decades, maintaining roles as an Emergency Medical Technician, ENT and Otolaryngology Specialist, and Health & Wellness Coach.

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Health and Wellness Coach

Since 2020, Paul Drago, MD has worked independently as a Health and Wellness Coach.  In this role, Drago creates individualized plans tailored to meet the physical fitness and overall wellness goals of his clients.  

His brand of health and wellness is one that accepts that nutrition is the most important pillar of any routine.  So it comes as no surprise that this is exactly where his programs start!  Working one-on-one with his clients, Drago, MD assists in the process of developing a nutrition-based diet plan that is truly individualized and tailored to meet each person’s needs.  The reality is, while two people may have the exact same goal weight in mind, their individual bodies and health conditions will require unique plans to achieve that goal. 

On his official blog, Paul Drago, MD provides loads of information on health and wellness — for free!  Throughout 2022, he has featured a variety of trends in the industry and discussed the many ways in which people can benefit from incorporating these practices and programs into their daily lives.  

Active Volunteer

In his personal life, Paul Drago, MD is just as passionate about helping and caring for others as he is in his professional line of work. 

He funnels that energy into his volunteerism, which he does his best to keep up with actively, both locally and abroad.  Drago is a proud Operation Smile volunteer, as well as an active supporter of his community’s food banks and soup kitchens.  Most notably, he has volunteered with Stewards of Christ: Children’s Homelessness Project, Promise Keepers and the American Cancer Society.  Drago also regularly embarks on mission trips with his church, around the globe and throughout the United States. 

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