Dr. Paul Drago

MD ENT & Otolaryngology

Paul Drago, MD is an ENT and Otolaryngology Specialist with decades of experience in medicine. 

Paul Drago, MD is an ENT and Otolaryngology Specialist who has maintained roles within this specialized field of medicine since 1997.  Most recently, Drago, MD has worked as an ENT, as well as provided consulting and coaching services in Health and Wellness.

Medicine & Otolaryngology

In 1990, Paul Drago completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine.  This pursuit was a true turning point in his career, which set the stage for his eventual career in Otolaryngology.  Following graduation, Drago, MD participated in numerous Internships, Fellowships and Residencies.  Along the way, finding his specialization in Otolaryngology, Cosmetic Procedures and related medicine.  

From 1990 to 1992, Paul Drago, MD participated in a General Surgery Internship and Otolaryngology Residency at Yale New Haven Hospital.  This was his first experience in this specialized area of medicine.  He then continued on to complete an Otology Rotation at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 199 and an Otolaryngology Residency at University Hospitals of Cleveland.  Additionally, Drago, MD also participated in a Fellowship at Louisiana State University Medical Center which focused on Cosmetic Procedures and related medicine. 

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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

After graduating from Cardinal Spellman High School with Highest Honors in 1982, Paul Drago embarked on a journey towards a career in medicine.  Fascinated by science and inspired to make an active contribution to the health and wellness of others, Drago was determined to become a professional in the medical field.  This pursuit officially began with his enrollment at the Institute of Emergency Medicine, which earned him his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), II-A qualification.  Drago continued to work as an EMT throughout his undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Zoology with a minor in Chemistry.

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